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Available Data

Inherited Property

Property that has been inherited complete with new owner information. 

Probate / Pre-Probate

Probate filings in which real property is involved with case number and attorney contact where available. Deceased and surviving party information included.

Divorce + Real Estate Owned

Divorce filing in which real property is involved.

Eviction Filings

Unlawful Detainer - Eviction filings with case number, where available.

Code Violations / Tax Delinquent

Code violations reported on single family homes. / Property Tax delinquency on single family homes.

Vacant Property

Post Office records indicating a homeowner has declared a property "vacant".

FSBO - For Sale by Owner Listings

Local "For Sale by Owner" property.

Quit Claim Deed Filings

Courthouse Quit Claim filings.

Absentee Owner

Can be absentee owner and/or out of state owner.

Free & Clear Homes

No mortgage balance reported.

Seniors + Real Estate Owned

Seniors age 65+ who also own real property.

Expired MLS Listings

Properties that did not sell on MLS and listing agreement has expired.

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